Scam of the week
April 13, 2010, 9:28 pm
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Scam of the Week

Beware! Many scam artists use commercial mail box services like UPS, Mailboxes etc. and others as their business addresses. Then they misleadingly use “suite 491” in their address, when what they really have is “mailbox 491.” The store accepts the mail addressed to Suite 491, because they don’t care about fixing this, it would affect their revenues. And they won’t release any information about the actual person who rented that mailbox. The scammer then gets all the mail forwarded from the mail box company to their address in whatever other state they live in, and are virtually untraceable. A movement by the United States Postal Service to require “PMB” (Private Mail Box) in the address was shouted down by small business owners, who apparently want to keep this ability to mislead consumers alive and well. Whenever I get a complaint about a fly by night, can’t be reached company, I google their address. Sure enough I often find it to be a UPS store, Mailboxes etc. or other commercial mail receiving agency.