FACEBOOK follies
December 30, 2009, 8:50 pm
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So, tell the truth about Facebook. Are you really friends with all your “friends” on there? I also want to know what how many friends you have on Facebook says about you. Does it say anything? What about people I will never see again? What sort of criteria should I use? I just use the criteria now of, I like you—except the one friend from law school that I didn’t like, but wanted to show her that I wasn’t holding any grudges. I don’t really have anything to say on Facebook. But it does make me jealous of other people’s exciting lives and healthy relationships!


Where Have All The Men Gone?
November 25, 2009, 10:43 pm
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When did this happen? When did I get relegated to the world of women? I find myself attending social events that are all female, working with almost all females, and having only female friends. I used to have male friends, who weren’t gay or merely passing workplace acquaintances. Guys I could talk to, hang out with socially, and dare I say it, even flirt a little bit. Attractive men. Not gay and not old. My age. Good-looking. Fun. Not boyfriends or hook-ups either.

Now, the only guys I see are my husband or the husbands of my female friends at coed events. Is there some rule that says once you are no longer a possible date you are off limits? Were the men of my past only posing as friends in the hopes of a fling? And now that I’m off limits, am I not worth the pose? But I don’t even run into any men to be friends with! I spend my days at playgroups and buncos and working at a government job where the pay is so low, no self-respecting alpha male would allow himself to work there. It wasn’t always like this! Women are great, but there is something to be said for the companionship of men. I don’t always want to talk kids, clothes and cooking, but unfortunately, that’s where I’m at.

Is it time for a boob job? Or time to accept the inevitable?

Premier Airport Security Line–Your tax dollars at Work!
July 8, 2009, 10:03 pm
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What does a first class ticket have to do with a shorter line to get through security (“TSA”) at the airport? Airlines are offering this as an incentive to their frequent fliers and first class customers–you get to go into a “premier line.” Since the screening is being done by a government agency, there shouldn’t be a buy your way to a shorter line option. Is there a buy your way to the front of the line at DMV? To get on the bus? To vote? Don’t my tax dollars pay the TSA employees in the “premier” line too?

I voiced this complaint over the phone to the TSA and they told me it was controlled by the airlines. What is controlled by the airlines? The lines to go through security? That doesn’t seem right in a democracy. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to miss their airplane if the security line is long, no matter how much they paid for their ticket. And all you frequent fliers who bitch and moan about the lady with the stroller in front of you, too bad. We know you are sooooo important and such an expert flyer. Why don’t you just offer to help? After all, just because I have two small kids doesn’t mean I’ve got all the time in the world to wait in line or that I don’t know what I’m doing. Let’s see you take off 3 pairs of shoes, collapse a stroller, get the carry on onto the conveyor belt, separate the juice boxes, hold onto 3 boarding passes, and convince the kids to walk through the metal detector. Then you’re an expert.

Terry Goddard Ain’t So Green–If he can’t handle his own office building can he handle the whole State?
June 20, 2009, 4:15 pm
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Why doesn’t AZ AG Terry Goddard recycle in his office? Soda cans and colored paper are merrily trashed and carted off to the landfill. These days should be long gone. Is Terry Goddard the guy we want to be Arizona Governor? These details matter.

Disney anti-feminist? Superfriends too? & Max and Ruby
March 9, 2009, 10:50 pm
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When I watch kids shows on tv, I thank god that I only have boys.  Since I started paying attention to this I’ve been noticing more and more that female characters get only token representation.  First, Mickey Mouse playhouse, there’s Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto, and then the foregettable Minnie and Daisy, score 4-2.  

I recently read an Early Reader that featured the all male Superfriends.  There was Superman, Green Hornet, Aquaman, and someone else I can’t remember, but not a WonderWoman in sight.   I guess I should be thankful it’s not wondergirl.  Max and Ruby really pisses me off, Max is always the smart one in the end.  Ruby does silly girl stuff and Max saves the day, while Ruby misses the ball. 

This also came to mind with the new Watchman movie.  Again, bunches of male characters, one female character.   & Adults are not in the clear either–look at the John Stewart show, the uneven representation was highlighted on election night when all the correspondents appeared.  One female.  One.  Out of what 6 or 7?  I thought they were supposed to be liberals.  Just no funny women out there?

This seems to be tokensim, one or two female characters for every four or five males.  The only bright spot is Dora the Explorer.  She’s not a sidekick or an afterthought.  She has adventures and saves the day.  She’s the only show based on a female character that my boys will watch.  I’m a firm believer that this stuff is setting the stage for attitudes later on.  Noggin and Nickelodeon, I’m watching you.

Sarah Palin, how does she do it?
September 2, 2008, 4:56 pm
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Here’s what I want to know.  How does Sarah Palin do it?  Mother of five with a new baby with Down’s Syndrome?  How does she have time to blow her nose, let alone be Governor, let alone be VP?  I’ve already heard that it’s antifeminist to ask this question, but why is that?  Surely the childcare/work balance is a feminist issue and if there’s a secret to juggling this successfully well let me in on it!!  It doesn’t seem that oil rigging/snowmobiling/working Dad is picking up all the slack.  So who is?  I can keep all the plates in the air because I have a measly two kids under four and work part time.  But as far as extra-curricular career developing activities, forget it!  So are there au pairs?  doting grandparents?  American wants to know!

I’m sort of intrigued by trying to figure out what the heck McCain was thinking.  Is this really a strategic choice?  Because the only thing I like about Sarah Palin is the fact that she’s female.  As a former Hillary supporter, there’s not a chance she’s going to bring me into the McCain fold. 

And yes let ‘s talk about it.  17 year old pregnant daughter?  Is that another pro-life plus?  Because I have to say that It doesn’t sound good to me.  “family life is off-limits” baloney.  The Democrats know that this kind of foible will speak for itself.  And for the focus on the family types, does this show a lack of focus on the family?  Is her teenage daughter running into trouble because Mom is away working long hours?  I don’t agree with that philosophy, but let’s get the issue out in the open.  Don’t we secretly always blame the Mom?  Did the daughter tune out her abstinence only training 🙂  Maybe the putting the condom on the banana training would have been more useful.

Fresh and Easy ain’t so easy
August 13, 2008, 8:05 pm
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I was so excited to have Fresh and Easy open near me.  Convenient, healthy, pre-made meals, that I could just stop and grab on my way home.  Because it was owned by Tesco, a British company, I was hoping for some international flair.  Well they do have samosas and frozen Indian entrees.  But what a disappointment! 

The store is communist era spartan, with a warehouse feel, in a small store space.  The pre-made food isn’t that healthy (white rice instead of brown, for instance) and not very kid friendly either.   Despite touting themselves as environmentalists, they give you more plastic bags than you could shake a stick at for your groceries.  And, they plastic wrap fruit (four apples plastic wrapped together–Why?)  And, there’s not really a good enough selection of everyday stuff to do your regular grocery shopping.  So, Fresh and Easy is definitely an extra trip.

On the bright side, is that they have good sauces (like Thai peanut sauce), the frozen Indian entrees mentioned above are tasty, and whole wheat pizza dough which I haven’t been able to find elsewhere  is admittedly awesome.  Did I mention cheap wine?  That is a plus.  Also, their economic woes are my gain, as they give out a $5 off a $20 puchase coupon every week and, discount aging items 50%.  Do I care if my watermelon is past its sell by date?  No I don’t.  However, I predict that Fresh and Easy won’t be long for this neck of the woods (Phoenix West Valley).  You’ve got to be junk foody and mass appeal or go whole hog organic earthy crunchy international.  Can’t please everyone you know. 

What prompted this post is a nightmarish trip I took there yesterday with Q (almost 2) and T (almost 4).  It’s self serve check out.  Fine and dandy, but if you’re buying liquor or you’re using a coupon (and I was doing both) you need a salesperson to come and enter things for you.  This may be an effecient use of me by Tesco, because they don’t have to pay me to check out my groceries or to wait for their salesperson to view my license and enter my birthdate, but it’s not an efficent use of Tesco for me.  Also, forced to self-scan my coupon, I heard a reassuring beep and assumed all was well.  It wasn’t, so since I wanted my bleeping  $5 off, I had to get a void.  Meanwhile my children are losing it, screaming and running away and refusing to sit in the cart.  Did I mention how hard it is to scan and bag your own groceries with two small cranky children to keep track of?  Admittedly this is my fault, as I made this stop post daycare, and I should have known better.  By the time we got out of there we were no longer fresh or easy, but rather cranky and pissed.