World Wildlife Zoo, Glendale, Arizona
January 13, 2008, 10:43 pm
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 OK World Wildlife Zoo, I want to hate you, but I can’t.  At first you shocked me with your political incorrectness.  You can feed the giraffes!  Stuff the fat animals in the petting zoo with even more food!  Animals behind chain link fences!   With nowhere to hide so you can always see them!  Up close!  $16 admission!  Small and smelly aminal viewing buildings!  Albino baby animals bred for your viewing pleasure!   Baby tigers! 

…..But yet, you are 10 minutes away from me.  You have a train for $3.00 that my son dearly loves.  You have a merry go round for $1.50.  Nothing off-limits to strollers.  You have some shade and some big trees.  You are open 364 days a year–even Sunday and Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  You have a playground, and a merry go-round and a boat ride and a sky ride.  We can feed the giraffes.  And an aquarium and a log flume is coming.  Oh, politically incorrect zoo, we have a season pass.  And we love you, even though I didn’t want to.