illegal immigration
January 10, 2008, 5:15 pm
Filed under: immigration

What’s the big deal all of a sudden?  Why do we care about this now?  Is it really a supposed terrorist threat from Mexico?  Or is it really economic, as in, I don’t want to pay for illegal immigrants schooling, medical care, social benefits, etc.?  Isn’t it the dirty little secret that many illegal immigrants work under someone else’s social security number, so that income taxes are withheld but since illegal immigrants don’t file tax returns, they never get a refund and never get social security?  If it’s about the security well that is silly.  We’re never going to secure our border from someone really determined to get in without spending a ridiculous sum–and I’m not going to cough up the tax $$ to do it.  If it’s about the money, then why not charge an outrageous fine to illegal immigrants to gain legal status?  To recoup the unpaid tax dollars, medical expenses, etc.  Then let’s give people legal working status and tax the heck out of that!  If this isn’t about money and it isn’t about security, then it’s really about race isn’t it?  That’s an ugly thought from a nation of immigrants.