AZ Driving School
April 4, 2013, 5:08 pm
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I got an Arizona Traffic ticket and had the option to do an online DEFENSIVE DRIVING course.  When I looked online at the various traffic schools, driving courses and mock “reviews” I could never find the price.  So here it is, the court costs vary by where you got your ticket.  It was $29.95 for the online course and then other fees adding up to $244.95.    Costs of ticket would have been $228.00.  So, costs more to do the course, but you should factor in your insurance costs will go up if you let the ticket go on your record.  Is this a racket?  Sure, but at least you can do it online.  I went with this “I Drive Safely” school because they didn’t make you register before revealing the cost.  I HATE THAT so much that I don’t care if other courses are cheaper–don’t make me waste my time, just be transparent would you?  Here’s the website  I haven’t taken it yet, so can’t comment on how painful.

Course: $29.95
State Fee: $20.00
State Surcharge: $45.00
Diversion Fee: $150.00
Total Course Price: $244.95