Fight Childhood Obesity, Open up public school playgrounds
March 15, 2010, 10:20 pm
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I recently sent an e-mail to Michelle Obama regarding my brilliant idea to fight childhood obesity. Open up the playgrounds of the local elementary schools for after-school and weekend use. Here in the Phoenix area all the playing field and playground equipment are locked up tight after school hours. All we can is stare longingly at the jungle gym through the padlocked fence. Many subdivisions around here have playgrounds, but we don’t live in a subdivision. There are city parks within driving distance. And we have been known to trespass into the nearest subdivisions’ playgrounds successfully. But why do I have to? The brand new elementary school down the block has a beautiful playground. And didn’t my tax dollars go to build it? I know they’re worried about vandalism and graffiti, but those are issues at the public parks as well and they seem to manage. In other states we’ve played at the open school playgrounds. Should fear of the bad guys really be allowed to rule the day? I’m tempted to some civil disobedience. Perhaps some bolt cutters or a step ladder? New playgrounds are expensive to build. Open up the gates of my school playground to me!