Where Have All The Men Gone?
November 25, 2009, 10:43 pm
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When did this happen? When did I get relegated to the world of women? I find myself attending social events that are all female, working with almost all females, and having only female friends. I used to have male friends, who weren’t gay or merely passing workplace acquaintances. Guys I could talk to, hang out with socially, and dare I say it, even flirt a little bit. Attractive men. Not gay and not old. My age. Good-looking. Fun. Not boyfriends or hook-ups either.

Now, the only guys I see are my husband or the husbands of my female friends at coed events. Is there some rule that says once you are no longer a possible date you are off limits? Were the men of my past only posing as friends in the hopes of a fling? And now that I’m off limits, am I not worth the pose? But I don’t even run into any men to be friends with! I spend my days at playgroups and buncos and working at a government job where the pay is so low, no self-respecting alpha male would allow himself to work there. It wasn’t always like this! Women are great, but there is something to be said for the companionship of men. I don’t always want to talk kids, clothes and cooking, but unfortunately, that’s where I’m at.

Is it time for a boob job? Or time to accept the inevitable?