Sarah Palin, how does she do it?
September 2, 2008, 4:56 pm
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Here’s what I want to know.  How does Sarah Palin do it?  Mother of five with a new baby with Down’s Syndrome?  How does she have time to blow her nose, let alone be Governor, let alone be VP?  I’ve already heard that it’s antifeminist to ask this question, but why is that?  Surely the childcare/work balance is a feminist issue and if there’s a secret to juggling this successfully well let me in on it!!  It doesn’t seem that oil rigging/snowmobiling/working Dad is picking up all the slack.  So who is?  I can keep all the plates in the air because I have a measly two kids under four and work part time.  But as far as extra-curricular career developing activities, forget it!  So are there au pairs?  doting grandparents?  American wants to know!

I’m sort of intrigued by trying to figure out what the heck McCain was thinking.  Is this really a strategic choice?  Because the only thing I like about Sarah Palin is the fact that she’s female.  As a former Hillary supporter, there’s not a chance she’s going to bring me into the McCain fold. 

And yes let ‘s talk about it.  17 year old pregnant daughter?  Is that another pro-life plus?  Because I have to say that It doesn’t sound good to me.  “family life is off-limits” baloney.  The Democrats know that this kind of foible will speak for itself.  And for the focus on the family types, does this show a lack of focus on the family?  Is her teenage daughter running into trouble because Mom is away working long hours?  I don’t agree with that philosophy, but let’s get the issue out in the open.  Don’t we secretly always blame the Mom?  Did the daughter tune out her abstinence only training 🙂  Maybe the putting the condom on the banana training would have been more useful.