Alli–nope there’s still no easy way to take off the pounds
August 5, 2008, 8:58 pm
Filed under: fat, food

Like lots of people, I’m always looking for a shortcut to take off that last 10 pounds (does it still count as the “last” ten pounds if there was no first 10 pounds?).  I’ve got the slow creep over the years.  I blame kids, not because of pregnancy baby weight, but because I can no longer fit in the daily step aerobic class like I used to.  Also, I live in AZ, where God forbid you should walk to anywhere other than your car. 

So clever me thought I’d try Alli.  It’s advertised for the seriously overweight, so for the thin-for-America type like me it should work like gangbusters, right?  Wrong.  In sum, Alli causes you to poop out the fat.  One pill=25% of the fat of the meal you just ate.  It’s not cheap, but hey, neither is liposuction.  & I hate to say it but you can have nice hair, nice clothes, and a pretty face, but nothing counts as much as being thin.  You know it’s true.

Alli didn’t work.  Sure I pooped out some nasty fat (you can see it).  I only took it once a day, because I figured I wasn’t eating that much to begin with and I didn’t have that much weight to lose.  I took it once a day for 3 months.  My conclusion?  It made me hungry because I didn’t have the full feeling you get from the fat.  And consequently I would eat more.  And I was hungry!  So, as I doubt I’m the only one with this clever idea, let this be anecdotal evidence for you, that someone with the same brilliant idea as you has already done it.  And it didn’t work.

On to my new shortcut attempt:  Special K protein water.  It’s supposed to keep you from feeling hungry.  I think it does.  It tastes pretty good too.  If only it could keep you from getting bored.


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