Sesame Street Sexism?
May 28, 2008, 7:35 pm
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Now that I am once again engaging with the Sesame Street Crowd, I have come to notice a dark side to the cute and fuzzy muppet show.  No it’s not that Maria and the Hispanic guy whose name I can’t remember got really old while I was away.  It’s my new adult view of what’s missing in the beloved Sesame characters.  Let’s see, of course there’s headliner Elmo, clumsy Grover, messy Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Snuffy, The Count, and Oscar, anyone else I’m missing?  Oh yes, the famous and beloved Zoe and Prarie Dawn.  That’s right, the female characters.  Interesting how they don’t get a lot of love or coverage.  We have lots of Elmo books, but embarassingly, Zoe sort of lingers around in the background behind Elmo like the token affirmative action gal that she is.  I didn’t even know Zoe and Prarie Dawn’s names until I made a special effort to figure out where the heck the female characters were.  What gives Sesame Street?  You were polically correct before anyone.  Can we get a Miss Piggy please?

P.S. I have to comment on my son’s Lincoln log set too.  It comes with two human figures and a horse.  Unfortunately, the plastic lady has a big solid skirt, while the man has the proper bowlegs to ride.  Guess that’s OK, since she’ll only be in the kitchen of the Lincoln Log house.